What to Expect

Welcome to Nephrology Specialists of Oklahoma.
Welcome to Nephrology Specialists of Oklahoma. Your healthcare provider has detected a problem with your kidneys and has referred you to us for an examination by a nephrologist. A nephrologist is a physician that specializes in kidney care. Our team of nephrologists, advanced practitioners, nurses, and staff look forward to helping you manage your healthcare by providing quality care to you.

People with kidney disease typically do not know they have a kidney problem because they have no symptoms and generally feel well. Early stages of kidney disease can only be detected by blood and urine tests. The earlier the detection, the greater the opportunity of stopping or slowing its progression.

It is important to have your laboratory work completed within a few weeks prior to your appointment because kidney function can vary with time. Many medications can affect kidney function; therefore, you need to bring a current medication list with you that includes your prescription medications, as well as, herbal and over-the-counter medications. Include in your medication list the name of each medication, the strength (mg), and how many times you take it per day.

At a patient’s first appointment, the examination usually includes the following:

  • A medical history and physical examination.
  • A review of your current and past lab results.
  • A review of your medications, making changes as necessary.
  • Answering your questions about your kidneys.
  • Working with you and your primary care physician to establish goals for your healthcare.

It is important for you to keep your appointment and if you have questions, please call us. Need the phone number? Visit our contact page for a list of our offices and phone numbers. Thank you.